Our Mission is to empower women and children while incorporating a strong sisterhood.


Do you have a story or comment on how The Ladye Doves has made an impact on your life?

Quotes I learn alot from the Ladye Doves bt its one thing that always stuck with me "put God first in your home and u will have peace in ur home" thats one of my goals for now thank Ladye Doves ? with Ladye Doves and Kiya Williams. Quotes
Robin White

Quotes I received great and helpful information while at the Pillow Talk for Teens. The Ladye Doves were interested in what we had to say and they listened and responded with very helpful information. I received information about relationships, safe sex, domestic violence, teen pregnancy and self control I use their advice everyday to make better choices in my life. Thank you Doves you are helping me make better choice for a better life. Quotes
Dove Mentee

Quotes The Ladye Doves Pillow Talk for Teens was awesome! I had a really nice time meeting new people, learning new things and receiving relevant information to better my life. The Ladyes Doves treated us with love and respect. We stayed in a really nice hotel, its was really nice... I received information about HIV/Aids, STD prevention, teen pregnancy & domestic violence. I had a really nice time & I can't wait to attend another pillow talk with the Ladye Doves Quotes
Dove Mentee

Quotes I attended the Ladye Doves pillow talk it was extremely informative and fun. I even won a gift card for participating in a game that we played. I would love to attend another Ladye Doves Pillow Talk! Quotes
Dove Mentee

Quotes Since becoming a Dove, I have become more comfortable with being a part of a sisterhood. I love helping others and giving back to those less fortunate. I look forward to doing bigger and better things in the future with my Ladye Doves to help the world as we know it.... Quotes
Takiyah Kamilah

Quotes Every since I've been apart of this organization I must say, my heart is touched by the loyalty of the women in this group. I have learned so much about the importance of touching another persons life. It makes a huge difference when you are helping those that not only in need of physical support but those who are seeking emotional support as well. The Ladye Doves represent the dove of peace, love, happiness, loyalty, hope, faith and more. We love to see you smile. It is our pleasure to lend our wings, which is why we thrive on making a difference in someone elses life. The Ladye Doves has made a huge impact on my life and for that I am Greatful to be the president of this organization! Quotes
Kiya WIlliams
President of the Ladye Doves

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