Our Mission is to empower women and children while incorporating a strong sisterhood.

Kiya Williams ~ President


Kiya has been a member of the Ladye Doves since November 2010. In August of 2011 she was asked to president our organization. She has a history of developing fundraising programs for her fellow employees who has required help due to various illnesses. She enjoy working with the elderly and disabled. For more then 10 years she has mentored her mentee to successfully completing high school and moving onto college. Kiya attended South Suburban College in Chicago IL where she studied to be an Occupational Thereapy Assistance. She was born and raised on the southside of Chicago her entire life. She is very passionate about helping those that are in need. She loves to give back to the community and create programs that will enable The Ladye Doves to carry out there mission.

Since becoming president of the Ladye Doves Kiya has worked very hard to develop and excute various programs like the mentor program for girls, The Ladye Doves Breast Cancer Mini Walk which benefits National Breast Cancer Foundation, Pillow Talk for teens which is a program meant to educate teenage girls on domestic violence, teen pregnancy and  HIV/Aids. She also started a Feed the Homeless program which is carried out twice a year, as well as an achievement program for Emmett Till Academay on the southside of Chicago which awards 4 teenage girls with the Ladye Doves Excellence Award. We have an outstanding president who take pride in her job and cares a great deal about the ladies in this organization. She represents the dove of loyalty, purity, serenity, happiness, love and tranquilty 



Tara Coleman ~ Vice president

Tara Coleman is the Co-Founder of the Ladye Doves organization. She has been serving as the Vice President of this organization since November of 2010. Tara attended Olive Harvey college of Chicago IL where she studied Early Childhood development. Today she owns her own home daycare center and for many years she has helped her mother develop and fund a feed the homeless program. There's no questions that she enjoys working with children and giving back to the community in anyway that she can.

Tara has a daughter of her own who benefits from the programs of the Ladye Doves. She is very passionate about her work and take part in all of the decision making process. It has always been her goal to develop an organization that is built on a strong sisterhood. It was her who decided to create various programs that would enable our organization to give back to the community. The programs that we have today has not only benefited the people we service, it has also allowed the ladies of the Ladye Doves to successfully develop the well bonded sisterhood that we have today. Tara was overly excited about how the program would impact the teenage girls in her own family which is way she decided to take part in any and all programs that is created to help at risk teenages girls and boys. While her job as Vice-President is to assume the duties of the President in case of the President’s absence, assist committee's as needed and recruit new members, she always goes above and beyond her call of duty. She is the dove that represents loyalty, peace, love and happines.

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